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What are your reasons for procrastination on tasks? (art, homework, writing, work, etc.) 

6 deviants said I attempt to do the task but lose motivation and put it off until later.
5 deviants said I try but I can't focus on the task, so I put it off till later.
2 deviants said The task is easy and I can do it later.
2 deviants said I'm afraid of approaching the task because It takes too long.
2 deviants said I'm afraid of approaching the task because I fear that it won't be good enough
2 deviants said Other... (Comment please)
1 deviant said I don't procrastinate on tasks.
No deviants said I don't have time for that task.
No deviants said I'm afraid of approaching the task because I don't have the skills.


United States
Hai there.

Feel free to add me on steam:

Twitter handle is:

Ask me in a note for Skype. I'll reject requests from people I don't know unless you let me know that you're going to make a request.

Games that I play:
Kingdom of Loathing - Nekot (#1011692)
Guild Wars - Nekot The Brave
Guild Wars 2 - NekotTheBrave.2013 (D3, Hots, SC2, etc.) - Nekot#1366
Runescape - Nekot, HC Nekot


Rigger by Nekot-The-Brave
Backdrop for a scene in a game. I think it looks cool at least

I'll probably make a couple more iterations of this scene by the end lol.
Not sure how I came up with the title, but it's the name of the file, so w/e.

This is my 2nd attempt at pixel artwork. A 64x64 image. (I may or may not upload my first pixel art attempt, it's of my Underworld Ascendant OC that I uploaded earlier, that's a bit bigger).

I still new to the type of artwork, so I'm pretty sure that my manual Anti-Aliasing can be improved, but I think it looks pretty alright.

This is just of a scene that I drew earlier in the day relating to some game ideas that I have. I may or may not make different versions of this scene at increasing resolutions.
Underworld Ascendant Fan Art - Thief guy by Nekot-The-Brave
Underworld Ascendant Fan Art - Thief guy
Yeah, I drew this as fan art for a kickstarted game called 'Underworld Ascendant' (related to the Ultima underworld games.

It took me about 4 hours, 75lbs 4A acid free, HB mechanical pencil + 4B pencils.

Just a character concept of a guy that I'd probably like to play as and what he'd look like.

Copyright belongs to @OthersideGames or @OthersideEntertainment or whoever
Do not post or distribute without my permission, feel free to use the ideas elsewhere
Snekot by Nekot-The-Brave
First 'complex' picture that I've done in a while.

Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, Nekot is sneaking up on some unsuspecting raiders camped out in a building.

Attempted some shading an' stuff, I might go back and add some better shadows using my pencils, considering that I only used my mechanical pencil in this.

I've been using A4 paper (in a sketchbook, probably hot press, acid-free) that I got from amazon, which allows me to work on the whole picture AND have it fit in my scanner lol.
DS Concept - Frigate docked on-world by Nekot-The-Brave
DS Concept - Frigate docked on-world
Just, a concept that I wanted to do with a perspective. I've never really drawn a spaceship/boat before and I needed to make some concept art for a project 'DS' of mine.

This is basically shot of the side of the hull of a frigate class ship docked on-world due to either being built or repaired. I tried to estimate the size a bit since I've never drawn really big things before, so this was a challenge for me, also details scare me a lot, like it makes me really uncomfortable to spend time detailing something, So... I guess you're lucky that there's some small things an' cranes an' stuff even there lol.

Basically on this side of the ship, the panels lift up pneumatically and reveal rocket pods that can be released. Anywhere from 1 to 7,500 rockets can be shot at one time, each panel containing 500 rocket pods. This frigate class ship is mainly built to escort trade ships/caravans between checkpoints.

I haven't done a perspective drawing in a long time, so bear with me a little lol.

I really liked how this turned out, but I kind of quit on the concept (and the idea of coloring it) when I started getting anxious about the details and well... spending time putting in the details and/or color for something that may or may not matter, which is something I'll have to get over. I tried going with a more 'square' design with this as that's how I think spaceships would look like, wanting to conserve space and not exactly have to worry about aerodynamics.

Anyways, I hope you guys like my first try on something 'space related', you should be seeing a lot more soon as I flesh out some more concepts, hopefully they'll be better and well... more colorful! x3

20150223 195045 by Nekot-The-Brave

No regrets.

To summarize this convention in one word or less... EPIC.

I arrived at the convention on Thursday, a bit earlier than I had anticipated due to being advised early to arrive at 12:30pm and some speeding on the roads (not too much, just enough to keep up with the other people lol). I got there at like... 1pm after a 3-4 hour drive which was rather relaxing. I got to see a lot of people trickle in while I waited for my room in the hotel to be free and for the volunteer coordinator to show up... late. I got to see a lot of neat people which I didn't anticipate being there like Fox Amoore and some others and met some people while I was waiting to be a volunteer. At around 4pm, and after I got all my stuff into my hotel room, I called my volunteer coordinator and met with him and helped around registration by making the pre-reg line straight and setting up the pylons and ropes for inside the registration room. After all of that we were directed upstairs to set up the Art Show room, we had to lift around 20-30 heavy art boards to the room and then set up PVC structures and hang the boards on the structure, then we had to set up the art. I got a free bookmark from one of the artists who sent in their stuff which was nice. I also got to hug my furst (get it?) fursuiter. I hadn't been worked that hard physically for... a very long time, it was very exhausting but I worked until about 10pm and clocked in 12 volunteer hours that day.

I woke up on Friday alright, not at 9:30am like I wanted to, but close enough and early enough to be able to volunteer in the morning. When I came down to the lobby floor, I was just like renewed with excitement when I saw the fursuiters down there. It made me pretty happy. I went up the escalator and towards the volunteer desk and got put on duty to make sure the regular registration line was straight and to let people know that the sponsors/super sponsors were able to go inside immediately. I then went to the opening ceremonies an' got pretty stoked for the con. I went up to my room for something (don't remember what) and then back down to see the Bucktown Tiger concert, which was amazing an' I got to hug him too an' things :meow:. After that, I chilled out in the main ballroom and got to see Bandthro set up and practice and do the song 'Skyfall', which was amazing. I didn't actually get to see the concert with them though because shortly afterward I had to go back to volunteering because I was on-call. I was directed to become a blackjack dealer and a roulette dealer/whatever afterward for the charity auction. That was fun, but my feet were screaming at me during that time and I had to sit down at the roulette table near the end. I then went to the main ballroom again and waited out for the rave that was happening, which was pretty epic, being that it was the first rave/dance that I've ever been too. About halfway though the second set I went out and met a friend of mine from here FenrisDesigns which was really neat, I hope that he thought the meeting went okay. Then I went upstairs and went to sleep (so tired), so I didn't end up getting to go to DJ Recca's set, whom I had met in the registration line.

I didn't sleep well, I'm not sure why exactly, but just... like 'sleep for an hour, wake up, go back to sleep, wake up, etc. When i did wake up, I almost missed the Guest of Honor lunch on Saturday. So I quickly got ready and showered an' things and drove myself there. I had the fortune of being able to meet up with Bucktown Tiger as I arrived at the lunch and got to sit with him and his significant other as well as Silverwolf (who was judging the fursuit dance comp this year, and won the one before) and some other people that I didn't recognize. That was really cool, and it was really yummy too x3, probably the most food I ate at the con in one sitting (cus like, pringles cans yo). Then I got back and just chilled out for a few hours and took a nap before going to see Matthew Ebel's concert, which I enjoyed as well :meow:. After that I went and hung out at the Open Mic panel that Path was doing. Then I went and chatted a bit and went to sleep.

Again, didn't sleep well. I woke up and went back down to the lobby and felt that renewed vigor again upon seeing the fursuits and neat people. I visited Scrypto Wolf's SMILE panel about depression and things and got a neat book for free which I'll be reading through a bit. I then arrived at the fursuit dance competition, which was REALLY REALLY EPIC and AMAZING x3. I really enjoyed seeing all of the fursuiters doing their choreographies and listening to the music an' things. The fursuiter that I liked the best was named Proxy or something, and I couldn't tell if it was a panda or not. My leg fell asleep several times during the show making it slightly uncomfortable sitting there. I then chilled out a bit in my room and chatted with a few of my friends and tuned in to Funday Pawpet Show before going to the Closing Ceremonies, which I really enjoyed. I liked the video of Big Cat Derek that they showed, I thought that was neat, and his speech was really cool :heart:. Then I went up to my room and caught the rest of the Funday Pawpet Show an' had my name posted on one of their art jam comment thingies, which was neat x3. Then I went back to sleep.

Shitty sleep again lol. I woke up and found that it was snowing outside and started freaking out for a good reason. On my way back from the con I had fishtailed and hit the concrete barrier and slid around until I was facing the wrong way on the road. I was pretty freaked out because that's the first time anything like that has happened to me, luckily it was just me involved (though other people did slip on that ice patch and spun out and stuff too lol) and the damage to my truck was minor, I'll have to replace a headlight though. But I got home okay an' things.

I'd definitely go back to this convention if I have the chance next year, I also recommend it everyone, it's really epic and you'll have a fantastic time. The con is VERY VERY well run. You will not be disappointed.

Now, I'm out ~
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